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“Classical Academy de Lafayette is a fine academy – one of the finest.”
Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College

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We are a private K-11 school in Wentzville, MO dedicated to classical education and promoting superior educational results. We are supported by Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. At Classical Academy de Lafayette, your child will learn from the greatest minds in western history: Shakespeare, Socrates, Euclid, Mozart, Newton, Twain, Michelangelo, and others.

Students study the traditional liberal arts — language, literature, math, history, government, geography, the sciences, music, art, and Latin. We teach cultural literacy and nurture good character. How do we do this? By having the very best teachers, the very best books, and the very best efforts of our students. We are in the business of forming minds, not programming machines. We are breaking rank with modern education and instead drawing on the 2500-year history of the Western experience.

CAL is taking a conscious step away from the fads consuming our nation’s schools, and anchoring our children’s education in the “tried and true.” We’d love to have dedicated parents join us!

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The mission of Classical Academy de Lafayette is to develop the academic potential of each student through a rigorous, content-rich, classical liberal arts program while cultivating in them a virtuous character.

Classical Academy de Lafayette (CAL) student develops intellectual and personal habits and skills to build a responsible, virtuous and productive life as the basis of a free, just, and happy society. CAL prepares its students to be contributors and leaders in their homes and communities, entrepreneurs in business, and statesmen in government. CAL strives to forge each student’s character through curricular and extracurricular offerings, nurturing the student’s humanity with a constant view toward developing intelligent and virtuous American citizens. CAL students will understand our Founding Documents and the principles that give them meaning and strive to live in concert with those principles. CAL recognizes man is endowed by His creator with “…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” as well as rights of self-government, reason, and conscience, to ensure that each individual can achieve a life fulfilled. This foundation prepares CAL students for a life of service — to God, country, community and family.

The following ‘extended mission’ is adapted from a speech delivered in June 2014 by Professor Joseph Garnjobst, Hillsdale College’s Chair of Classical Studies Department and Associate Professor of Classical Studies.

"We believe that we are the heirs and the stewards of the Western Tradition and the fruits of civil and religious freedom. As such, we believe that the diffusion of learning is essential to the perpetuity of this legacy, our aim is to provide a liberal education, an education suitable for a free citizen, not geared toward a specific trade or profession, but one that aims at understanding the highest matters and the deepest questions of Truth, Justice, Virtue, Right, and Character. We believe that we must engage those ideas and those principals in the original language in which they were written and passed down in the tradition, as they have both intrinsic worth and intrinsic beauty and are worthy of study and contemplation in and of themselves. We also find the clearest expression of this legacy both in the founding documents of our American nation as an experiment of self-government under law and in the literary and scientific education of the founders themselves. As they sought to avoid the problems of democracy as seen in Athens and of a republic that gave way to a monarchy in Rome, we too must engage in those ideas and the influences upon those ideas in order to have a citizenry worthy of the legacy of our Founders and the continuation of our American experiment. We do this through a rigorous classical, great-books curriculum designed to engage the student in the ideas and principles of our founding."

Four Classical Virtues

Classical education gives students the foundation for a virtuous life. As important as our quest for academic rigor and excellence is our pursuit of virtuous character in our young men and women. Virtue is at the core of all that happens at Classical Academy de Lafayette, from the literature we read to the conversations in the hallways. The four classical virtues of prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude are taught, modeled and expected by all who are a part of the CAL community.


Having the courage to face challenges and obstacles; persevering when things get tough.

courage, optimism, perseverance, good citizenship, loyalty


Treating others with respect and taking responsibility for their well-being; fairness.

respect, friendship, kindness, generosity, fairness


Having sound judgment and making sound choices. It is about being thoughtful.

honesty, wisdom, integrity, gratitude, humility, care


Mastering ourselves for the sake and happiness of those around us. It is about acting the right way at the right time.

order, courtesy, self-control, patience, obedience


“CAL is the best thing that has happened to our child.”

Todd Wicks, Parent of a 6th grader

Todd Wicks, Parent of a 6th grader

[Our daughter] has grown leaps and bounds...[we] see her light just pouring out of her when she comes home each day. We can tell she just loves and enjoys school so much. What an incredibly vibrant atmosphere you are teaching these kids in and they, in turn, radiate and respond back.

Parent of a PreK Student

Parent of a PreK Student

So far this year, my kids have memorized the Gettysburg Address, done incredible artwork, improved their reading ability, and so much more. They are truly growing as scholars and as people. We are so pleased with the education they are receiving at The Classical Academy de Lafayette. If you are interested in a classical education for your children, I invite you to check [them] out.

Dr. James Shuls (parent of K, 2nd grade students)

Dr. James Shuls (parent of K, 2nd grade students)

[My son] started a new school today and was not nervous at all! His words when I picked him up were “it was awesome!” On a side note, Matthew didn’t even argue with me to do his homework tonight! I think it’s awesome too!

Mandy Hill, Parent of K, 2nd, 5th and 7th grader

Mandy Hill, Parent of K, 2nd, 5th and 7th grader

“[My daughter – 5th grade] has made amazing improvements in her writing ability as well as her desire to write over the last semester. I am very grateful for the teaching that has helped her overcome many of her writing struggles. In addition the required book reports on 8 different genres of books is incredible. In the past, I have tried to have my kids read diverse books by often letting them choose 2 books to read and then I choose the third. She is loving reading these books and is flying through books faster than she ever has before. This is a wonderful way to foster a love of reading by exposing children to the many different types of books. Thank you!

Kelly Rush, Parent of a 3rd, 5th and 7th grader

Kelly Rush, Parent of a 3rd, 5th and 7th grader

“I feel like it's so easy for me to start to take good things for granted so I was recently talking with another CAL parent about our decision to change schools and I became overwhelmed with what we've been given the past few months since we joined CAL. I adore the virtue talks, virtue focus, uniforms, emphasis on literature and BOOKS, religious freedom, discipline, history instead of social studies, love of America and our political and moral foundations, seeing little girls learn to jump rope again, presence and maturity (every CAL kid I've met can look adults in the eyes and speak to them), recitations (oh the poems my kids now know!), family culture of common rooms and meals together, letting parents visit during classroom time, numerous field trips, artwork, work with Latin, freedom from standardized tests so teachers can spread their wings and teach, and the incredible curriculum and staff support to allow flexibility so the kids can be treated as individuals and pushed to grow in their abilities and interests. CAL is a beautiful treasure. It is such a privilege for us to be able to send our kids there and it's inspired me personally to meet the standards of its culture and be a worthy representative of the school.”

Christen Schweizer, Parent of a K, 1st, 3rd, and 4th grader

Christen Schweizer, Parent of a K, 1st, 3rd, and 4th grader