Faculty and Staff


Mrs. Amy Coffelt


Ms. Grace Leonard

1st/2nd Grades, Upper School History

Mr. Philippe Duggan

3rd Grade

Miss Theresa Gardea

4th Grade

Ms. Robin Munro

5th & 6th Grades

Mr. Keith Preston

Middle School History

Ms. Madalyn Patrone

Latin and Middle School Literature

Mr. Grayson Gunn

Upper School Literature and Philosophy

Mr. John Schweizer

PE and Math

Mr. Kevin Miller


Mr. Dave Robertson

Math and Physics

Mr. Thomas Robert



Mrs. Katy McKinney

Founder/President & Board Member

Mrs. Cyndi Duggan

Dean of Student Life & Mathematics Teacher

Mrs. Dorian Aiello

Finance & Administration

Mrs. Jessica Goertz

Business Operations Manager & Admissions Director

Ms. Mary Stirton

Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Elizabeth Offord

Curriculum Director


Dale Henn


Benjamin Payne

Board Member

Hallie Meagher

Board Member

Dan Meagher

Board Member

Advisory board

Mitchell Clem

Advisory Board Member

Richard Duree

Advisory Board Member

China Gorman

Advisory Board Member

Brian Lunt

Advisory Board Member

Eric Maddox

Advisory Board Member

Brad Bivens

Advisory Board Member