Parent and Student Agreement

Classical Academy de Lafayette (CAL) understands that excellence, the pursuit of virtue and the principles of self-government, as espoused by America’s Founding Fathers, are the foundations for a happy and prosperous life. These principles are a part of all that we do as a school. Our board, administration, faculty and staff support these principles, and we desire our families and students to reflect these ideals. By signing below, you acknowledge that you are willing to join CAL in teaching, learning and adhering to these principles and that the information provided in the student’s application is accurate.

In addition, you also agree to support the following:

As parents of a CAL student, we understand that the education of our child is not the sole responsibility of the school, and agree to support the following principles, which will help our child achieve his or her full potential.

We agree to:

  • Uphold the four classical Virtues taught at CAL and reinforce them at home
  • Set time aside each day for our child to study
  • Encourage and model reading of great literature
  • Spend less time in front of the screen and more time engaged as a family
  • Support the CAL community and its four classical Virtues
  • Have great conversations with our child about great things
  • Seek out the good, the beautiful and the true

As a student of CAL, I understand that my education is my responsibility, and I will work toward excellence, in all I do to help ensure that I achieve my full potential.

I agree to:

  • Live by the four classical Virtues taught and modeled at CAL
  • Set aside time each day for study and the reading of great literature
  • Spend less time in front of the screen and more time engaged with my family
  • Support my friends and teachers at CAL and support CAL’s Virtues
  • Inspire my parents and family to have great conversations
  • Do my best, constantly striving for excellence
  • Seek out the good, the beautiful and the true
  • Behave politely at all times toward all others

A CAL student is honest in conduct, committed to serious study, a lover of learning, respectful of the rights of others and exemplifies a standard of excellence, with the aim of becoming a virtuous scholar and citizen.

Student Preparation

Please refer to the following items to prepare your child for a great academic experience at CAL.

Summer Reading

Summer reading poses a dilemma for many children: To read or not to read; that is the question. The short answer is that children should by all means read over the summer. There is, however, a difference between quality literature and that which will merely entertain, or even worse, corrupt the mind. It is simply not good enough to say that the more one reads, the better reader one becomes. Spongebob Squarepants and Super Diaper Baby are probably not going to improve the minds of your children much. It is important for children to read and appreciate quality literature.

Dr. Terrence Moore of Hillsdale College reminds us that high quality literature can be found in places where one may not think to look. According to a summer reading essay by Dr. Moore, Calvin and Hobbes is one comic strip which does indeed offer high level text. During a G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS) Club meeting, Calvin states the following: “As we’re all aware, the enemy has infiltrated our territory and is spreading disinformation to the effect that homework ought to be done right after school! As my mom may have covert girl sympathies, we must eradicate the hostile forces!” Infiltrated, territory, disinformation, covert, sympathies, and eradicate are words that may require thinking throughout many age levels, especially children of the elementary school age. Good literature is not hard to come by, but one must look and be selective in the process.

Below is a list of books and stories that will improve your child’s mind during and after reading. One should not feel obligated to read the entire list according to each grade level. Classical Academy de Lafayette hires teachers who have read and studied the great works taught in their particular grade level. Reading, discussion, questioning-and-answering using classical literature in a classroom setting is much different than simply reading it alone at home. Nevertheless, summertime is an opportunity for your child to continue her learning, practice the skill of reading, and enjoy the great books and stories available to her. And just because you are an adult does not mean this list isn’t for you, too!


Be sure to select the grade your child will be ENTERING after the summer.

In addition, please be aware that one list is for NEW INCOMING Classical Academy de Lafayette students and contains books they would have read had they been at CAL already. The other list is for RETURNING students.

Selecting incorrectly may result in your child reading books they will later read in class, which could greatly diminish their enthusiasm.

After-School Clubs

CAL offers a variety of after-school clubs for students. Our talented teachers, parents, and supporters offer the following clubs: fencing club, chess club, duct tape club, drama club, crochet club, and more! Stay tuned for more details about our 2022-2023 after-school clubs.